Books and Sermons

Over the course of his career in Family Wealth Counselling, Jay Link authored a number of books and was a compelling speaker within the legal, financial and non-profit industries. This section of content contains downloadable copies of books he has published and printable text from a number of recent sermons related to stewardship planning.  

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In Getting to the Heart of the Matter you will read the stories of how the Family Wealth Counseling process has profoundly impacted wealthy families financially, socially, emotionally and spiritually. The Family Wealth Counseling process has helped many to find the deepest levels of joy, meaning and fulfillment in life.

This book is designed not only to provoke change in the way you think, but also the way you live—encouraging a fresh perspective on handling the material things in your world. Formatted as a 30 day devotional, each day’s material includes an engaging reading and “food for thought” questions designed to inspire honest introspection and practical change.

The Steward’s Way is a practical field guide that provides eight essential gems of wisdom to help you successfully navigate the narrow path that the Master has called you to travel. This priceless counsel comes from both the Master Himself and other ancients who in ages past successfully completed their journeys.

For those who have spent their lives amassing assets faster than they thought was possible they realize that wealth also brings a host of very serious challenges, difficulties, and dangers. How you use your fortune can build or destroy; it can teach or corrupt; it can provide a sense of security or a sense of entitlement.