Recommended Reading

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  • Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan
    The God of the universe—the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and E-minor—loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. And what is our typical response? We go to church, sing songs, and try not to cuss. Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself.
  • Divine Mathematics: How One Plus One Equals Three in the Kingdom by Selwyn Hughes
    The more you give to God, the more you have to give.
  • Doing Well and Doing Good: Money, Giving, and Caring in a Free Society by Os Guinness
    What motivates one to give? Why should someone care for those outside his or her own social circle, especially for the poor dwelling on the fringes of society? Doing Well and Doing Good explores the big ideas that shaped the rise of the unique Western tradition of giving and caring by examining selected writings from some of the most influential thinkers of Western society.
  • The Eternity Portfolio by Alan Gotthardt
    One of the best kept financial secrets is that investing in God’s kingdom is the ultimate financial opportunity. All too often, Christians give out of guilt or legalism instead of joy and purpose. In The Eternity Portfolio, Alan Gotthardt combines biblical teaching with a unique investment framework to offer fresh, practical how-tos for strategic, joyful giving.
  • Family Wealth Counseling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter by E.G. “Jay” Link
    This book will challenge you to think about the purpose for your life and for your wealth, how to leverage your remaining time, unique talents and accumulated treasures to do the most good for the most people, how to prepare your heirs for their inheritance, and how to transition from a life of financial success to a life of personal significance.
  • Fields of Gold by Andy Stanley
    A practical and inspirational book based on the principle of sowing and reaping. If we sow fear, what will be our harvest? And conversely, if we sow faith, what will we grow? This book moves the reader beyond fear and guilt about giving and into confidence, security, and excitement.
  • Finishing Well: What People Who Really Live Do Differently! by Bob Buford
    Author Bob Buford calls them “pathfinders” — individuals for whom age 40 and beyond has been an opportunity to further their significance rather than to rest on their success. They are people who have pioneered the art of finishing well in these modern times, and who can teach us to do the same, starting today.
  • From Success to Significance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enough by Lloyd Reeb
    You’ve achieved a measure of success in the first half of life, and it’s been a thrill. But deep in your heart, you want your second half to count for something far more. In From Success to Significance, Reeb unfolds a blueprint that has helped thousands of men and women redefine success and infuse their lives with eternal significance.
  • Generous Living: Finding Contentment through Giving by Ron Blue
    Pointing you beyond guilt-induced giving, Ron Blue shows you the true, Bible-based way to give effectively, joyfully, and wisely. You’ll gain important insights into making a will, setting up a trust and foundation, and teaching your children to give. But better still, you’ll find out: why to give, how you can give, where it is best to give, when and how often to give.
  • The Generosity Factor: Discover the Joy of Giving Your Time, Talent, and Treasure by Ken Blanchard and S. Truett Cathy
    The Generosity Factor™—a way to give time, talent, treasure, and touch to those in need — provides a unique twist on what it means to thrive in business, at home, and in life. This story will forever change your definition of success.
  • Generosity: Moving Toward Life that is Truly Life by Gordon MacDonald
    How would you like to raise the tide of generosity in your life and in your church while discovering greater spiritual maturity through giving? Churches are using Generosity in powerful, creative ways to change the money conversation. People give generously when they reflect on God’s generosity, and this book will help you and your church do just that.
  • God Owns My Business by Stanley Tam
    This book is the chronicle of how an average man can, with God’s guidance and a willing heart, succeed in any endeavor. They said it couldn’t be done, but formally and legally, business owner Stanley Tam made God the owner of his business. To say that his business met with success thanks to this decision would be a significant understatement – Stanley Tam’s businesses are large and profitable, giving well over a million dollars annually.
  • God and Your Stuff: The Vital Link Between Your Possessions and Your Soul by Wesley Willmer and Martyn Smith
    Explore the biblical foundation for the crucial connection between our eternal souls and our earthly possessions. Learn how our use of possessions is a good barometer of our character, and how our giving practices develop our faith and shape us into the stewards God intended us to be.
  • The Law of Rewards: Giving What You Can’t Keep to Gain What You Can’t Lose by Randy Alcorn
    A clear, compelling case for an under-emphasized scriptural principle: that believers will receive differing rewards in heaven depending on their actions and choices here on earth. The Law of Rewards shows how our faith determines our eternal destination but our behavior determines our eternal rewards.
  • A Life God Rewards: Why Everything You Do Today Matters Forever by Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp
    Author Bruce Wilkinson shows you what Jesus said about God’s plan to reward you in eternity for what you do for Him today. What you’ll discover will unlock the mystery of God’s power, plan and will for your life. And you’ll begin to live with the unshakable certainty that what you do today matters … forever!
  • Money: The Currency of Christian Hedonism by John Piper (Chapter 7 of Desiring God)
    Christian Hedonism — the view that it is not only permitted, but commanded by God, that we pursue our full and lasting pleasure, and that all the evils in the world come, not because our desires for happiness are too strong, but because they are so weak that we settle for fleeting pleasures that do not satisfy our deepest souls — but in the end destroy them. 
  • Money, Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn
    It’s time to rethink our perspectives on money and possessions. In this thoroughly researched classic, Randy Alcorn shows us how to view these things accurately―as God’s provision for our good, the good of others, and his glory.
  • Passing the Plate: Why American Christians Don’t Give Away More Money by Christian Smith, Michael O. Emerson, Patricia Snell
    Passing the Plate shows that few American Christians donate generously to religious and charitable causes. This eye-opening book explores the reasons behind such ungenerous giving, the potential world-changing benefits of greater financial giving, and what can be done to improve matters.
  • Paul J. Meyer and The Art of Giving by John Edmund Haggai
    The person who determines to become a giver in all five resources (finance, information, relationships, spirit, time and energy) will enjoy the peace and financial security of proving God’s promise. The Art of Giving is a biography of Paul J. Meyer who doesn’t give his surplus earnings: he sets giving targets and works to meet them.
  • The Purposes of Money by Os Hillman
    What is God’s real purpose for money? If I don’t have enough money, what is God trying to teach me? Why does God prosper some, while others still live in need? Can we trust God to provide when we don’t have enough? Hillman looks at common fallacies that exemplify the belief system of many people and the four main purposes God has established for money.
  • Revolution in Generosity: Transforming Stewards to Be Rich Toward God (Wesley K. Willmer, Editor)
    A Revolution in Generosity is a work by some of the best scholars and practitioners on the subject of funding Christian organizations. As Willmer writes, “The foundation for realizing a revolution in generosity is understanding the biblical view of possessions, generosity, and asking for resources.” With over twenty expert contributors, this book is a must-read for organizations striving to rid themselves of secular asking practices.
  • Secrets of the Generous Life: Reflections to Awaken the Spirit and Enrich the Soul by Gorgon MacDonald
    Author Gordon MacDonald offers fresh insights on an under-appreciated and often overlooked aspect of the Christian life, explaining why we are called to generous living, how to live that way, and why it brings such joy.
  • Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things: Thirty Days of Food for Thought by E.G. “Jay” Link
    Join Jay Link on a 30-day trip toward understanding God’s principles of stewardship. Scripturally-based, his stories and wise thoughts will challenge your thoughts regarding wealth accumulation, generosity, planning, and your purpose in building God’s Kingdom.
  • Stott on Stewardship, Principles of Christian Giving by John R.W. Stott
    John Stott takes the reader through principles of giving in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. He shows how the Apostle Paul urged the Corinthians to give joyfully and generously, in response to Christ’s love. This is a beautiful exhortation to consider what to give. We give to the glory of God and in doing so we bring blessing to others; we too are blessed as we give.
  • The Supreme Beatitude: Dr. Pierce’s Challenging Stewardship Addresses by Earl V. Pierce
    This out-of-print book is about the best of all books on the Christian use of money and life. The primary message of the Bible is that we are made in God’s image to give and are blessed by giving. If you can find a copy, it is worth having in any permanent library. Flemming H. Revell Co, c.1947.
  • To Whom Much is Given: Navigating the Ten Life Dilemmas Affluent Christians Face by E.G. “Jay” Link
    For those who have amassed a fortune over their lifetime, the challenges of how to distribute it and use it for good can be a dilemma. In To Whom Much Is Given, the author helps affluent Christians to leverage their wealth so that it will be God-honoring and a blessing for those who receive it.
  • The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving by Randy Alcorn
    Discover how the joy of giving can make your life richer. Jesus spent more time talking about money and possessions than about heaven and hell combined. Jesus urges us to store our treasure in heaven, where they will await us, and last forever.
  • Unlocking Your Legacy: 25 Keys for Success by Paul J. Meyer
    When all is said and done, each of us will leave only four things behind: memories, souvenirs of our existence, trophies of our achievements, and legacies. Paul J. Meyer, a pioneer in the personal development industry, motivates and teaches readers how to begin developing their own legacy that will bless and encourage those left behind.
  • Wealth Conundrum by Ralph Doudera
    A conundrum is a problem where the answer is very complex, possibly unsolvable without deep investigation. This book is for everyone who wrestles with the puzzles of wealth. Maybe they have too much money, or maybe not enough. It is a must read for those who raise money for worthy causes, and for those who need to give more.
  • What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well by Frank J. Hanna
    What Your Money Means turns to the wisdom of the ages to illuminate for you the reasons you have money in the first place, and the role it’s meant to play in your life and in the lives of others. American philanthropist Frank Hanna introduces you to a lean, no-nonsense explanation of the meaning of your money, and a guide for dealing with it constructively.
  • 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a more Generous Life by Brian Kluth
    This book will help any individual, family, group, or church congregation to live a more joyful and generous life. The book includes 40 days of daily Bible readings, inspirational articles, discussion questions, and weekly financial worksheet projects that will unleash greater generosity in people’s lives.