Discipleship Studies

Small Group Curriculum

Impacting and Transforming the Culture of Your Church

These small group studies will take your youngest and your most mature believers and stretch them in their walk with the Lord.

The Steward’s Way is a comprehensive discipleship study that produces transformational growth in believers by equipping and challenging them to live as stewards in every area of their lives. The Better Way Giving study frames a biblical basis for personal giving decisions.

Life-Changing Impact

Through these studies, you can expect to see powerful changes in the lives of your congregation. Your members will begin:

Embracing the truth that they own nothing, but are entrusted as stewards to hold with open hands what they temporarily possess.

Managing wisely the small portion of God’s vast resources they have been entrusted to steward.

Seeking the mind and the heart of God for direction on how to best manage their lives and resources.

Attempting to live on less, to make more of God’s resources available for Kingdom purposes.

Experiencing joy in distributing God’s resources and utilizing their talents for God’s purposes as He directs.

Spending more carefully the limited time God has allotted for them, managing it wisely according to His purposes.

Sharing the gospel with others, understanding that it is their first stewardship priority.

Working to take better care of the physical bodies that God has entrusted to them.

The Steward’s Way

Whole-Life Discipleship for the Church

The Steward’s Way Discipleship Series is a three-year roadmap designed to equip your congregation to go deep and grow strong. Many churches have abandoned the idea of long-term discipleship training, claiming people will not participate in anything that lasts longer than six weeks. The Steward’s Way Discipleship curriculum is divided into nine, six-week studies that can be covered over three years. Spreading the study over three years gives participants’ time to process the spiritual challenges they receive; it allows intercession by the Holy Spirit to convict, motivate, and empower believers to make changes in their lives; and it provides the church an opportunity to take their members deeper in the areas of discipleship.

The 100 series of The Steward’s Way lays the foundation for a sound biblical understanding of the concept of whole life stewardship. The first step in this training is to understand this concept and its principles which in turn will allow you to embrace and apply them in your personal life.

Beginning the Journey (101) Module

Download Module 101 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – The Concept of a Steward: “What is My Relationship to my Stuff?”

Lesson #2 – The Steward’s Focus: “The One Question That Changes Everything”

Lesson #3 – What Does the Owner Want: “Getting Directions from the Owner” (Part 1) 

Lesson #4 – What Does the Owner Want: “Getting Directions from the Owner” (Part 2)  

Lesson #5 – What Does the Owner Want: “Getting Directions from the Owner” (Part 3) 

Lesson #6 – The Steward’s Characteristics: “The Defining Characteristics of a Good and Faithful Steward”

Living the Examined Life (102) Module

Download Module 102 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Examining our Motives: “Keeping the Heart of God at the Heart of Living”  

Lesson #2 – Examining our Life Purpose: “Are You Living Your Life on Purpose or By Accident?”  

Lesson #3 – Examining our Worth: “How Do You Calculate How Much You Are Worth?”  

Lesson #4 – Examining our Affections: “Do You Love the World?”  

Lesson #5 – Examining our Position: “Slave or Master”  

Lesson #6 – Examining our Integrity: “Judas in Me” 

Living the Generous Life (103) Module

Download Module 103 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Generous Nature: “Created to be Generous”  

Lesson #2 – Obedient Courier: “Generous Giver or Obedient Courier”  

Lesson #3 – Generous Living: “Giving Generously or Living Generously”  

Lesson #4 – Known or Secret Giving: “Letting Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand is Doing”  

Lesson #5 – Changing Your Timeline: “How Much Would You Give Away if…?”

Lesson #6 – It’s Not Just About Money: “The Greatest Gift You Have to Give”

The 200 series of The Steward’s Way digs deeper into living a controlled life, and focuses on how we apply the concept of whole life stewardship to every area of our lives. It also address the common barriers that hinder or prevent people from giving like they can or often even want to give. This study will personally stretch and challenge you as you seek to become an “all in” steward of the Owner of all things.

Living the Controlled Life (201) Module

Download Module 201 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Controlling our Consumption: “Living on Less”  

Lesson #2 – Controlling our Exposure: “The Numbing Effect”  

Lesson #3 – Controlling our Time: “What is Your Most Valuable Possession?”

Lesson #4 – Controlling our Perspective: “Living in the Present”  

Lesson #5 – Controlling our Greed: “How Much is Enough?”

Lesson #6 – Controlling our Choices: “Are You Trading Up or Trading Down?” 

Living the Applied Life (202) Module

Download Module 202 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Applied to Our Life Purpose: “Discovering Your Fire Within”

Lesson #2 – Applied to Our Bodies: “Housekeeping Matters”  

Lesson #3 – Applied to Our Children: “When You Give You Will Take Away”

Lesson #4 – Applied to Our Minds: “What’s on Your Mind?”  

Lesson #5 – Applied to the Gospel: “Our Ultimate Stewardship Priority”

Lesson #6 – Applied to the Earth: “Dominion: Man’s First Stewardship Assignment”

Overcoming the Barriers to Generosity (203) Module

Download Module 203 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Can We Trust Him?: “A Bridge or a Barrier”  

Lesson #2 – Opening Your Heart: “How Does the Love of God Abide in Him?”  

Lesson #3 – Avoid Getting Burned: “A Blazing Fire”  

Lesson #4 – Needy: Who Me?: “A Different Kind of Needy”  

Lesson #5 – How God Made Us: “Are You Living Like a Bucket or a Pipe?”

Lesson #6 – Now or Later: “Immediate Gratification vs. Deferred Gratification”

The 300 series will stretch and challenge the most committed follower of Jesus. In this series, we will unpack a number of Jesus’ hardest statements and attempt to apply them to how we think and live out our faith. This study will also force us to face what it really means to be “all in” for the Kingdom.

Living the Obedient and Surrendered Life (301) Module

Download Module 301 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Are You All In?: “Double Trouble”  

Lesson #2 – A Balancing Act: “Being Poor in Spirit While Rich in Things”  

Lesson #3 – Life Transformation: “The Deeper Meaning of Life”  

Lesson #4 – The Other Side of the Coin: “The Grace of Receiving”  

Lesson #5 – We Win: “Taking Hold of Life Indeed”

Lesson #6 – Memory Check: “Don’t Forget Who You Belong to”

Living the Radical Life (302) Module

Download Module 302 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Loving the Unlovable: “Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over”   

Lesson #2 – Keeping Score God’s Way: “When Counting Is Wrong”   

Lesson #3 – When Enough is Enough: “Manna in the Wilderness”

Lesson #4 – The Cost of Being a Steward: “If Anyone Wishes to Come After Me”

Lesson #5 – Investing God’s Resources: “Does God Care How We Invest?”

Lesson #6 – What is Mine is Yours: “All Things in Common”

Experiencing Transformational Giving (303) Module

Download Module 303 Lessons 1-6

Lesson #1 – Beyond Your Ability: “When Giving Got Out of Control”  

Lesson #2 – Money is No Object: “When You Really Love”  

Lesson #3 – This Changes Everything: “Big Giver/Small Giver: Someone Has Reversed the Definitions”  

Lesson #4 – The Law of Resupply: “Barns and Vats”  

Lesson #5 – Givin’ While You’re Livin’: “Giving or Leaving?”

Lesson #6 – Their Gain, My Loss: “For Richer or For Poorer?”

The Steward’s Way Field Guide

Request a FREE copy of The Steward’s Way Field Guide — a powerful companion book to The Steward’s Way small group curriculum.

The Steward’s Way Field Guide is a practical field guide that provides eight invaluable and essential gems of wisdom to help you successfully navigate the narrow path that the Master has called you to travel. This priceless counsel comes from both the Master Himself and many other ancients who in ages long past already successfully completed their journeys.Note: The Steward’s Way Field Guide is not a book version of the Small Group Curriculum.

The Steward’s Way articulates and packages in a compelling way the essence of life as a steward. In simple—yet profound—terms this book serves as a spiritual ‘outfitter’ to equip disciples for the lifetime journey as stewards

- Jeff Faull -
Sr. Minister • Mt. Gilead Church • Mooresville, IN

The Better Way Giving Series

New Testament Teaching on Giving

The Better Way Giving Series examines six New Testament giving characteristics that will help believers frame a solid, biblical basis for their personal giving. Too often, Christians are taught that the amount of their giving is determined by a mathematical formula and is an obligation they are required to pay. The New Testament paints a radically different giving picture. This “Better Way giving” can transform a believer’s walk with the Lord enabling them to experience more joy than they ever imagined possible.

Better Way Giving

When you “give”, what attitude guides your decision? Guilt? Pride? Duty? This six lesson Bible study examines New Testament giving characteristics, helping believers to frame a solid, biblical basis for their personal giving decisions.

A Motivated Giver, Lesson 1  The reason many believers are not significant givers is because they have never been significant receivers. They have never fully accepted God’s extraordinary flow of unconditional love that constantly pours over them. Until you fully receive God’s unconditional love, you will never be passionately motivated to love Him back.

A Joyful Giver, Lesson 2 Would the word joyful describe how you feel when you give? Many believers would answer that question, “No, not really.” And there may be several reasons for this. We may be giving with feelings of obligation or duty or simply because we don’t know how to say no when we are asked. It seems far too rare that people experience any high degree of joy in their giving.

A Reliable Giver, Lesson 3 When you hear the term reliable giver, you may think about how your church or your favorite ministry views your regular giving to them. Consider how God views reliable givers. In other words, when God sees a need or an opportunity that He wants to fund, how certain can He be that if He gets those needed funds to you that you would actually deliver them.

An Extravagant Giver, Lesson 4 Extravagant giving (1) exceeds what is expected; (2) exceeds what is affordable; and (3) exceeds what is needed. If we really want to become one of the Lord’s obedient and extravagant givers, we need to open our minds, open our hearts and open our secret vault of hidden treasures to Him.

A Selfless Giver, Lesson 5 At first blush the idea of selfless giving seems pretty safe and nonthreatening. But the truth is that this selfless giving characteristic may be the most challenging and dangerous of them all. As you will see, depending on where people choose to “stand” when they do their giving may cause them to exchange their eternal reward for a temporal one.

An Expectant Giver, Lesson 6 It is this expectant giving characteristic that can turbo-charge our giving beyond anything we are currently aware of. You see, giving is not just about having the right attitude, or even about giving properly and effectively, it is also about having very specific expectations about what is going to happen when we give.