The Better Way Giving Series

The earth is the LORD’s, and all it contains, The world, and all those who dwell in it.

-Psalm 24:1

Generous Living & Giving

The Better Way Giving Series

When you “give”, what attitude guides your decision? Guilt? Pride? Duty? This six lesson Bible study examines New Testament giving characteristics, helping believers to frame a solid, biblical basis for their personal giving decisions.

A Motivated Giver, Lesson 1  The reason many believers are not significant givers is because they have never been significant receivers. They have never fully accepted God’s extraordinary flow of unconditional love that constantly pours over them. Until you fully receive God’s unconditional love, you will never be passionately motivated to love Him back.

A Joyful Giver, Lesson 2 Would the word joyful describe how you feel when you give? Many believers would answer that question, “No, not really.” And there may be several reasons for this. We may be giving with feelings of obligation or duty or simply because we don’t know how to say no when we are asked. It seems far too rare that people experience any high degree of joy in their giving.

A Reliable Giver, Lesson 3 When you hear the term reliable giver, you may think about how your church or your favorite ministry views your regular giving to them. Consider how God views reliable givers. In other words, when God sees a need or an opportunity that He wants to fund, how certain can He be that if He gets those needed funds to you that you would actually deliver them.

An Extravagant Giver, Lesson 4 Extravagant giving (1) exceeds what is expected; (2) exceeds what is affordable; and (3) exceeds what is needed. If we really want to become one of the Lord’s obedient and extravagant givers, we need to open our minds, open our hearts and open our secret vault of hidden treasures to Him.

A Selfless Giver, Lesson 5 At first blush the idea of selfless giving seems pretty safe and nonthreatening. But the truth is that this selfless giving characteristic may be the most challenging and dangerous of them all. As you will see, depending on where people choose to “stand” when they do their giving may cause them to exchange their eternal reward for a temporal one.

An Expectant Giver, Lesson 6 It is this expectant giving characteristic that can turbo-charge our giving beyond anything we are currently aware of. You see, giving is not just about having the right attitude, or even about giving properly and effectively, it is also about having very specific expectations about what is going to happen when we give.

Better Way Giving Series, Lessons 1-6

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