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It is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy.

1 Corinthians 4:2

When you embrace the truth that God is not only the creator but also the owner of everything, stewardship becomes a way of life. Below are resources for additional reading and study as you seek to better manage all that God has entrusted to you.

Stewardship Minutes

Stewardship Minutes are brief texts along with one minute videos that introduce some aspect of stewardship and its life application. They can be included as an element in a worship service, used to promote a small group series, placed on a church website, or even linked in email correspondence. Each Stewardship Minute will stimulate your thinking with a challenging perspective from either a well-known scripture or passage.

Note: the video component of each Stewardship Minute will be available shortly.


The Inward Life:
Contentment | Death | Dependence | Examining Self | Fear | Heart’s Desire | Jesus’ Return | Motivation | Ownership | Possessions | Purity | Purpose | Self-Centeredness | Self-Control | Spiritual Drift | Spirituality | Surrender | Temptation | Thoughts | Trust | Waiting

The Outward Life:
Body | Decision-making | Dependence | Earth | Gifts | Giving | Gospel | Heirs | Hostility | Jesus’ Return | Lifestyle | Meaninglessness | Motivation | Relationships | Rewards | Staying on Course | Talents | Time | Words of the Owner

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How Stewards Find Contentment

How Stewards View Death

How Stewards Depend on the Owner

How Stewards Examine Themselves

How Stewards Overcome Fear

How Stewards Gain their Heart’s Desire

How Stewards Look for Jesus’ Return

How Stewards Are Motivated

How Stewards Understand Ownership

How Stewards View and Handle Possessions

How Stewards Stay Pure

How Stewards View Their Purpose

How Stewards Overcome Self

How Stewards Have Self-Control

How Stewards Avoid Spiritual Drift

How Stewards View Themselves Spiritually

How Stewards Surrender

How Stewards Overcome Temptation

How Stewards Control Their Thoughts

How Stewards Trust the Owner

How Stewards Wait on the Owner

How Stewards Care for Their Body

How Stewards Make Decisions

How Stewards Depend on the Owner

How Stewards Care for the Earth

How Stewards Receive Gifts

How Stewards Give

How Stewards Handle the Gospel

How Stewards Transfer Their Stewardship to Heirs

How Stewards Handle Hostility

How Stewards View Jesus’ Return

How Stewards Choose Their Lifestyle

How Stewards Avoid Meaninglessness

How Stewards Motivate Others

How Stewards Manage Their Relationships

How Stewards Are Rewarded by Their Giving

How Stewards Stay on Course

How Stewards Use Their Talents

How Stewards Spend Their Time

How Stewards Respond to the Words of the Owner

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