Case Study #2: The Craig Family (PCS 200)

Greatness, Growth, Governance, Generosity

The process in this study creates Intentional Transformation for families and businesses by guiding them to discover the greatness, growth, governance and generosity in their story that will impact today, tomorrow and eternity.

The Craig family owned a business that was nearing a sale.
They were a couple in their late 40s/early 50s with four young children.

Original Financial Situation:

  • They had basic legal documents that had not been updated since they had children, but these documents provided the entire estate to their children in trust.
  • They did not have any plans for a lifetime inheritance.
  • They wanted to limit the amount of inheritance their children would receive, but were not clear what that amount would be.
  • They owned a business that was nearing a sale in the next two to fours years and would be subject to substantial capital gains taxes.

Original Family Impact:

  • The Craig’s had a heart to do things well and wanted to be intentional with how they were raising their children.
  • They were unsure how to be intentional and what it meant to do things well.
  • There was a desire to be more generous but little clarity around the impact the family could make.
  • Their family relationships and time together was strong, and typical for a family with young children.
  • They didn’t know what conversations to have around wealth and the timing of those conversations with their children.



Case Study #2: The Craig Family (PCS 200)