Case Study #3: The Patterson Family (PCS 300)

Greatness, Growth, Governance, Generosity

The process in this study creates Intentional Transformation for families and businesses by guiding them to discover the greatness, growth, governance and generosity in their story that will impact today, tomorrow and eternity.

The Patterson family owned a rapidly growing business.
They were a couple in their 40s with two children in their early teens.

Original Financial Situation:

  • The couple had basic legal documents that provide their children their entire estate at death.
  • They did not have any plans for a lifetime inheritance.
  • They owned a business that was growing rapidly and were considering exiting the business within the next five to 10 years.
  • They had a two business loans and a mortgage totaling 12 percent of their assets.

Original Family Impact:

  • Although the Patterson’s had good values, they weren‘t sure how to intentionally pass them on to their children.
  • There was nothing specific that could unify the family toward a common purpose.
  • There was a desire to be more generous but little clarity around the impact the family could make and how to do it together.
  • The Patterson’s desired to have more feedback from their children on their plans but were unclear on how to facilitate these conversations.



Case Study: #3 The Patterson Family (PCS 300)