Case Study #4: The Murphy Family (PCS 400)

Greatness, Growth, Governance, Generosity

The process in this study creates Intentional Transformation for families and businesses by guiding them to discover the greatness, growth, governance and generosity in their story that will impact today, tomorrow and eternity.

The Murphy family had a business they were planning to sell.
They were in their 60s with five adult children.

Original Financial Situation:

  • The Murphy’s were in their mid 60s and had five adult children.
  • They had built a business and were planning to transition out of the business.
  • A few children were involved in the business, but none of their children wanted to run the business long-term.
  • They provided each of their children a small percentage of ownership in the business.
  • They were unsure how to best structure the sale of the business to benefit their family and minimize taxes.
  • They wanted to provide an additional lifetime inheritance for their children and grandchildren but were not sure where to start.

Original Family Impact:

  • Although the Murphy’s felt they had passed on “good values” to their children, they were not clear and there was nothing specific unifying the family toward a common purpose.
  • All of their children had married, and the family wanted to find a way to bring the in-laws into planning conversations but had no framework on where to start.
  • Some of their children were involved in the family’s business and others were not. A potential business sale was straining the family’s dynamic.
  • There was a desire to be more generous but little clarity around how the family could make an impact together.
  • The Murphy’s desired to have more feedback from their children on their plans but had not established an avenue to facilitate these conversations.



Case Study #4: The Murphy Family (PCS 400)