Entrust to Faithful Men

We can be certain that the church will continue to grow and flourish in the future when older men of God are committed to “planting trees” in whose shade they know they will never sit. Who is your Timothy, your Elisha, or your Joshua? To whom have you entrusted the sacred and eternal truths in order to carry the message on to the coming generations? In whose life are you making a significant investment?

Discovering Your Fire Within

A multimillionaire said some years ago — after spending a lifetime dedicated to climbing the ladder of success — that once he had finally reached the top he discovered, to his bitter disappointment, “the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.” Have you discovered your God-given passion, your “fire within”?

Casting a Shadow Beyond the Grave

What are you doing with your life and resources to cast a shadow that will stretch beyond your grave? Keep in mind, you will not be remembered by what you have kept for yourself. You will be remembered by what you have given to others!

What is Your Life Purpose?

Answering the question, “What is my life purpose?” and then committing it to writing is the first step in developing your strategic stewardship plan. Once you have answered this most fundamental question, all the other questions regarding things like your lifestyle, your values, or your legacy, will be answered quickly and easily.