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Ecclesiastes 10:19

Viewing and Handling Possessions

[The fool believes] money is the answer to everything.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 says, [The fool believes] money is the answer to everything (NASB). There are two powerful lessons we can learn from this verse. One, some people believe that more money is the answer to everything. Years ago, a survey asked people how much more income they thought they needed to make ends meet each month. The survey showed they needed an average of three percent more. Let me ask, if all those surveyed actually got that three percent increase, would all their financial problems be resolved? I think not. They would just start spending three percent more on their lifestyle. Two, Solomon calls those who fall into this futile “just a little bit more” kind of thinking a “fool.” So, how about you, do you think money is the answer to everything? Think about it.