The Collision of Biblical and Secular Worldviews in Planning and Giving (ESC 200)

Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions

An advisor’s personal worldview has a massive impact on how he or she provides guidance. Tragically, even Christian advisors do much of their planning from a secular perspective because this is how they were trained. In this course, we identify where secular and biblical worldviews collide and provide practical examples of actual planning and giving outcomes.

You will also learn how to ask questions that provide an effective path to optimizing how you serve your clients and the outcomes that are achieved.


  • Understanding what a secular worldview is and how it influences planning
  • Defining a biblical worldview and learning of its effect on planning
  • Discovering how these worldviews collide in planning and impact client giving
  • Asking wrong questions will always get wrong answers



The Collision of Worldviews in Planning and Giving (ESC 200)

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