Helping a Family Evaluate Where They Are in Their Planning (SPP 500)

Learning to Ask Critical Mental Angle Questions

Have you ever talked to a potential client and been blown off with comments like: “Oh, we already have that taken care of” or “We already have an advisor who does that for us”? You know that you have 10 seconds to come up with a compelling response or the conversation is about to be over.

This course outlines how to ask “critical mental angle” questions that can turn a potential client from “no interest” to asking for more information. Learn how to bypass a “having it all covered” response, helping clients reach the full potential of their financial plan.


  • Using a 10 point checklist to help families evaluate their stewardship plan
  • Introduction to resources that support each point of the checklist
  • Insight into “Critical Mental Angles” and how to use them to market your services



Helping Families Evaluate Where They Are in Their Planning (SPP 500)

For access to book titles referenced in the SPP 500 Handout, click this link.

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