Living on Less

“You can live on less when you have more to live for.” Notice that this statement is not describing a forced “belt-tightening” when economic circumstances compel one to reduce a preferred lifestyle. It is talking about someone who voluntarily chooses to reduce his/her current lifestyle—a willing reduction.

Our Ultimate Stewardship Priority

Am I being a trustworthy steward of the gospel? Proverbs 11:30 (NIV) tells us, he who wins souls is wise, and might I add, is also a trustworthy steward. May we all be found trustworthy in this, our ultimate stewardship priority.

If You Only Had Thirty Days Left to Live

The great tragedy for far too many of us is that life never becomes more precious than when it is just about over. Then, we hurry around and try to do what has been left undone, fix what has been broken, savor what has been overlooked, and give what has long been overdue.