Lesson 5: A Selfless Giver

The reason many believers are not significant givers is because they have never been significant receivers. They have never fully accepted God’s extraordinary flow of unconditional love that constantly pours over them. Until you fully receive God’s unconditional love, you will never be passionately motivated to love Him back.

A Useful Steward (Part 1)

For those of us who wish to be useful stewards to the Owner, there are two essential attitudes that must be part of our spiritual and emotional makeup. The first is humility. True humility can only be acquired in death of self, transforming us from being internally focused to being externally focused.

Created to be Generous

Most of us lack the gift of generosity, but all of us possess the nature of generosity. And it is this God-like nature of generosity that we must diligently cultivate and develop. In so doing, the world will see the image of our generous Creator living and giving in us; and we will, like the gifted, find life indeed.