Why Do Some People Prosper Materially While Others Do Not? (Part 3)

This unique gift from God is the least understood and possibly the most important for us to grasp. The Bible tells us that there are actually three powers God gives us regarding wealth accumulation. Unless He gives us all three, our lives will be unhappy, out of balance, and self-absorbed—no matter how prosperous we are.

A Useful Steward (Part 2)

In Part One, we examined the attitude of humility. The second attitude we will examine is inadequacy, where we see ourselves as being entirely inadequate while God is eminently sufficient. These two attitudes, humility and inadequacy, will radically transform every area of your life.

Created to be Generous

Most of us lack the gift of generosity, but all of us possess the nature of generosity. And it is this God-like nature of generosity that we must diligently cultivate and develop. In so doing, the world will see the image of our generous Creator living and giving in us; and we will, like the gifted, find life indeed.

Discovering Your Fire Within

A multimillionaire said some years ago — after spending a lifetime dedicated to climbing the ladder of success — that once he had finally reached the top he discovered, to his bitter disappointment, “the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.” Have you discovered your God-given passion, your “fire within”?

Why Do Some People Prosper Materially While Others Do Not? (Part 2)

There are five unique abilities that are common among those who achieve financial prosperity: intelligence, work ethic, vision, courage, and common sense. If God does not give them the needed intelligence, the required work ethic, the ability to be visionaries, wire them to be risk-takers, and give them a high level of common sense, then even if the person has the opportunity to prosper, he will not.