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Category: Spiritual Challenges

Trust Matters

The Bible repeatedly admonishes us to trust in the Lord. For example, we are told to trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5, NASB). However, because of our fallen and selfish nature, we are inclined to put our trust in anything or anyone but the Lord.

The Numbing Effect

Have you ever been reading a passage in the Bible about the depravity of unbelievers, when suddenly your own face appeared on the page? It is a fact of human nature that whatever becomes common becomes “invisible.” Our culture offers an abundance of things and experiences that can and will numb our spiritual sensitivities.

Judas in Me

As you read the Bible, do you ever find yourself identifying with the life or behavior of a specific Bible character? Sometimes you may identify with their good qualities and sometimes with their bad ones. It is likely that of all the Bible characters you have identified with, Judas has never been one of them. Yet, it may be that there is more of Judas in us than we would ever like to admit.

If Anyone Wishes to Come After Me

Jesus was a master of hard sayings. While they are not hard to understand, they are hard to obey. Each one of them strikes at the very core of our self-centered human nature. Jesus’ hard sayings demand one of two outcomes: either we make radical changes in how we live, or we choose to ignore them — justifying our choice by convincing ourselves that they don’t really apply to us.