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Biblical Stewardship Resource Library

Category: Spiritual Challenges

Fear and Uncertainty

When wealthy families are fearful and/or uncertain about what to do in regard to stewardship planning, they ultimately end up doing NOTHING. When nothing happens, the families miss the opportunity to experience the indescribable joy of seeing God use them in meaningful and mighty ways with what He has entrusted to them.

Do You Love the World?

The Bible gives us four flashing “caution lights” that warn us we might have gotten into a love affair with the world: when we are never quite satisfied with what we have; when the things we own end up owning us; when worry about losing “things” disrupts our inner peace; and when our longing to be there is diminished by our affection for what we have here.

A Blazing Fire

The same material possessions that can produce a destructive outcome both now and for eternity can also produce abundant blessings in this life and the next. If we see material possessions as an end in themselves, they will consume us. If we see them merely as a means to an end—a way to bless others—they will actually greatly enhance our life.