The Ten Unique Stewardship Dilemmas Affluent Christians Face (SPP 800)

Lifestyle Dilemmas vs Wealth Transfer Dilemmas vs Philanthropic Dilemmas In this course we look at the 10 unique stewardship dilemmas that affluent families face, and how to assist them in overcoming these dilemmas. Dilemmas The Bigger Barns Dilemma The Prisoner of My Own Success Dilemma The It’s Lonely at the Top Dilemma The Next Generation […]

A Virtues-Based Approach to Planning (SPP 700)

Unpacking the Three Approaches to Estate Planning There are three approaches to estate planning: a tax approach, a values approach and a virtues approach. In this course we highlight why the virtues-based approach is the most effective and the most enduring. Topics Unpacking the three approaches to wealth planning practiced today Growing a strong family […]

How to Work With Your Clients’ Other Professional Advisors (SPP 200)

Building a High Trust/High Performing Planning Team Your success in moving your clients to actual implementation of your planning recommendations depends largely on your ability to work effectively with their other professional advisors. In this course, we give you the timing and the process for how to build a high-trust/high-performing planning team of professional advisors. […]

Biblical Basis for Stewardship and Generosity (SPP 100)

Listening to the Word of God In this course we do a comprehensive review of the Old and New Testaments, highlighting the Scriptures that focus on stewardship generally and giving specifically. We cover over 400 verses in this class. Topics Video Handout Biblical Basis for Stewardship and Generosity (SPP 100) Related Resources Articles

Becoming Your Client’s Most Trusted Advisor (SPP 300)

Setting Yourself and Your Practice Apart in the Overcrowded Marketplace How do you set up your practice and what services should you provide so that your clients will look to you first among all their advisors (attorney, accountant, insurance agent, money manager, etc.)? Trust has far less to do with experience or knowledge than it […]

Answering the Three Required Foundational Planning Questions (ESC 300)

Helping Client’s Maximize Planning Outcomes There are three foundational questions that need to be answered for a family to create a comprehensive and integrated plan. In this course, we discuss these questions and describe how to use them to help your client’s maximize strategic planning outcomes. Topics Video Handout Answering the Three Required Foundational Planning […]