The Numbing Effect

Have you ever been reading a passage in the Bible about the depravity of unbelievers, when suddenly your own face appeared on the page? It is a fact of human nature that whatever becomes common becomes “invisible.” Our culture offers an abundance of things and experiences that can and will numb our spiritual sensitivities.

Do You Love the World?

The Bible gives us four flashing “caution lights” that warn us we might have gotten into a love affair with the world: when we are never quite satisfied with what we have; when the things we own end up owning us; when worry about losing “things” disrupts our inner peace; and when our longing to be there is diminished by our affection for what we have here.

Manna in the Wilderness

Everything about God’s miraculous mealtime plan for His people seems to fly squarely in the face of our well-accepted American version of Christianity. Contemplate how this might apply to how we steward the life and resources God has entrusted to us. There are three simple insights this story reveals regarding how God wants to be in relationship with His people.

How Much Is Enough?

Whatever our current salary or income, we want more. However much we have invested, we want it to grow to become more. No matter how big our business, we want to make it bigger. “More” is woven into the very fabric of the American psyche.

Are You Trading Up or Trading Down?

Should we not be reminded of what Jesus said about trading up and not trading down? In Matthew 6:19-20 He tells us in this amplified quote, Do not [trade down] for yourselves treasures on earth [in the Inanimate World]…. But [trade up] for yourselves treasures in heaven [in the Spiritual World].