Lesson 6: An Expectant Giver

The reason many believers are not significant givers is because they have never been significant receivers. They have never fully accepted God’s extraordinary flow of unconditional love that constantly pours over them. Until you fully receive God’s unconditional love, you will never be passionately motivated to love Him back.

Taking Hold of Life Indeed

What we keep or consume for ourselves in this life stays in this life. What we share of what we have and who we are with others—what we generously give—we are sending on ahead for our heavenly enjoyment forever.

Are You Living Like a Bucket or a Pipe?

Are you living like a bucket or a pipe? A bucket is designed to hold things. A pipe is designed to convey things through it. The bucket holds what it receives, while the pipe passes on what it receives. In regard to the material possessions that God has entrusted to you, are you living like a bucket or a pipe?

How Do You Calculate How Much You Are Worth?

As believers, we need to answer this question by utilizing three different types of valuation methods. We need to value our life worth rather than our net worth. We need to value our internal acquisitions rather than our external acquisitions. We need to value our eternal assets rather than our temporal assets.