Combining Various Tools To Optimize Planning Outcomes (PTS 200)

Supercharge Planning Results There are a number of very powerful planning tools that can be utilized in the planning process, but when you can combine two or more of these tools into a single planning strategy, the results are “off the charts.” In this course, we show you how to effectively combine various charitable and […]

Understanding and Using the Traditional Planning Tools (PTS 100B)

Characteristics, Applications, Best Assets for Use This course highlights the traditional planning tools most commonly used in estate planning. We discuss how they work and which assets work best with each tool. Topics Video Handout Understanding and Using the Traditional Planning Tools (PTS 100B) Related Resources

Overcoming Obstacles to Generous Giving (ESC 700)

Spiritual, Emotional, Financial Barriers to Generosity Most people would say “yes” when asked if they would like to give more than they do. But there are a number of spiritual, emotional and financial obstacles that prevent people from being more generous than they are. When you know what these obstacles are, you can address them […]

Conducting a Client Discovery Retreat and Effective Family Meetings (ESC 600)

Problems to Be Solved, Opportunities to Be Seized One of the most critical aspects to effective planning is figuring out the “destination” before you start giving a client directions. This course outlines how to conduct a retreat that lets you discover far more than financial objectives. It will help you discover the two great motivators […]

Tour Guide or Travel Agent

When planning for your family’s wealth, do you want to use people who can tell you how to get there but leave you on your own to figure out what to do? Or, would you rather use someone who can carefully walk you through the entire wealth stewardship planning thought process?

Keeping the Family Business in the Family

How one family’s Master Stewardship Plan enabled them to accomplish all their personal and family goals and objectives but also create a major endowment to support seven Christian ministries into perpetuity.

How Did You Do That?

When I was in personal practice, my clients and their advisors would see the bottom-line results of my comprehensive Master Stewardship Plan designs and they would often look at me in disbelief and ask, “How did you do that?” When they look at the financial outcomes, it seems to indicate that $2 + $2 = $11. But it was not “smoke and mirrors” and it was not “magic.” What they were seeing is the effect of the careful and strategic integration of three powerful planning concepts – all combined into one carefully integrated Master Stewardship Plan.

The Dynamic Duo: Deferred Inheritance Trust & Enhanced Income Trust

These two powerful trusts are mirror opposites of one another. Properly designed, the Deferred Inheritance Trust pays its income to charity or a family foundation for a term of years or life, then terminates. The trust assets then pass to the heirs, gift/estate tax free. The Enhanced Income Trust, pays its annual income to the family. Upon termination, the trust assets pass to your charity/family foundation.

Deferred Inheritance with Instant Gratification

Jesus tells us that we are to be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves. These two behaviors are not mutually exclusive. Shrewdness is not opposed to honesty, and honesty is not opposed to shrewdness. The best stewardship planning utilizes the epitome of shrewdness while honoring both the spirit and the letter of the laws of our land.