Conducting a Client Discovery Retreat and Effective Family Meetings (ESC 600)

Problems to Be Solved, Opportunities to Be Seized

One of the most critical aspects to effective planning is figuring out the “destination” before you start giving a client directions. This course outlines how to conduct a retreat that lets you discover far more than financial objectives. It will help you discover the two great motivators to action: problems to be solved and opportunities to be seized. This session will also uncover the importance of regular, all-family meetings so as to get everyone on the same page and and avoid family blowups and meltdowns.


  • Understanding the difference between soft and hard issues in planning
  • Overcoming objections to a Discovery Retreat
  • Implementing a Discovery Retreat
  • Conducting family meetings



Conducting a Client Discovery Retreat / Conducting Effective Family Meetings (ESC 600)

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