Three Aspects of Every Family’s Wealth

The vast majority of wealthy families do not fully understand the different aspects of their wealth. Sadly, as a result, many go to their graves leaving their assets to suffer devastating taxes and reap only a small portion of the benefits that could have been provided to them, their heirs, and the Kingdom of God with strategic stewardship planning.

Double Trouble

We live in two kingdoms — our spiritual kingdom and our material kingdom. We can find ourselves attempting to straddle these two kingdoms, one foot planted in each even as they drift apart, leaving us facing double trouble. The Bible offers several metaphors to expose this contradictory double life.

What’s On Your Mind?

The real spiritual battle is in the mind. The fact is, by the time our sin manifests itself in actions, it is already too late—the battle is already over. We have lost before we have even committed the sin. Jesus reveals this profound spiritual reality in Matthew 5 when He tells us that sin does not begin with the act of murder, but rather with the mere thoughts of anger.