Overcoming Obstacles to Generous Giving (ESC 700)

Spiritual, Emotional, Financial Barriers to Generosity Most people would say “yes” when asked if they would like to give more than they do. But there are a number of spiritual, emotional and financial obstacles that prevent people from being more generous than they are. When you know what these obstacles are, you can address them […]

Conducting a Client Discovery Retreat and Effective Family Meetings (ESC 600)

Problems to Be Solved, Opportunities to Be Seized One of the most critical aspects to effective planning is figuring out the “destination” before you start giving a client directions. This course outlines how to conduct a retreat that lets you discover far more than financial objectives. It will help you discover the two great motivators […]

Answering the Three Required Foundational Planning Questions (ESC 300)

Helping Client’s Maximize Planning Outcomes There are three foundational questions that need to be answered for a family to create a comprehensive and integrated plan. In this course, we discuss these questions and describe how to use them to help your client’s maximize strategic planning outcomes. Topics Video Handout Answering the Three Required Foundational Planning […]

Inheritance Planning and Heir Preparation (ESC 800)

Maturity Markers and Inheritance Readiness Without a doubt, the most complex area of planning is inheritances. There is nothing more devastating than an ill-thought-out inheritance plan. In this course, we learn how to use “maturity markers” to help parents and grandparents objectively assess the readiness of their heirs to receive an inheritance. We will also […]

The Collision of Biblical and Secular Worldviews in Planning and Giving (ESC 200)

Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions An advisor’s personal worldview has a massive impact on how he or she provides guidance. Tragically, even Christian advisors do much of their planning from a secular perspective because this is how they were trained. In this course, we identify where secular and biblical worldviews collide and […]